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Welcome to the Healthways Well-Being Program offered by FedEx

A more balanced life is within reach. 

The first step to a more balanced life is completing your Gallup-Healthways Well-Being 5® survey. This new survey takes a deeper dive into what makes you, you—so you can make the best choices for your well-being. 

Each employee and eligible spouse/partner who completes the Well-Being 5 by November 3 will receive a credit of $100 to their HRA in 2017. Log in now to take your survey.

*Eligibility: The Healthways Well-Being Program is offered at no cost to FedEx employees and spouses/partners who are enrolled in the FedEx Corporation Group Health Plan with an HRA that is administered by Anthem or Cigna. COBRA participants who are 18 or older are also eligible to participate. Employees enrolled in a Kaiser plan option in California have a similar well-being assessment and program available through Kaiser. Go to for more information.

Important information for new enrollees in 2017 benefits.

New enrollees in 2017 benefits will be able to register on this site in early January 2017. New enrollees include employees and/or spouses added to the FedEx Medical Plan administered by Anthem and Cigna during the 2017 Annual Benefits Enrollment period and new hires enrolled in 2017 benefits. 

Questions? Contact Healthways at 866.336.8622


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